S O U L  S T A R  C H A R T  P D F -  3 3

A full report of the Sun, Moon and planets at the exact place and time of birth. A description of the placement of planets and how to interpret the meaning of your unique creation constellation delivered to you in a concise written report.

S O U L  S T A R  C H A R T  P A I N T I N G  - 1 7 5

This is the most precious and creative gift I could offer! This is a hand painted chart that serves as a powerful talisman of your unique creation constellation. Place it on your altar and enjoy your soul's signature beauty every day. This makes a wonderful gift! It is matted and ready to hang.

S O U L  S T A R  R E A D I N G  -  1 5 0 / 60 min.
7 5 / 30 min.

Are you a modern mystic that wishes to tap into the secrets of the ancient arts? This reading will expose your heart + soul of the present and past. The ancients knew the way into the Temple of Delphi, for the doorway was inscribed 'Know Thyself." We will dive deep into your chart to discover your soul's signature secrets! 

S H A K T I  S E S S I O N S  - 1 2 0

Shakti श__) from Sanskrit shak – “to be able,” meaning sacred force or empowerment, it is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the creative force of the divine feminine. Together we will activate your Goddess Archetype, discover your soul's mission and unlock your creative potential to manifest your dreams with the cycles of the moon. Let's find your Goddess gifts and tap into the cosmos to become a CREATRIX BEYOND THE MATRIX! This is a guided session for you to experience once or like Alice, you can go as far down the rabbit hole as you would like. There is no minimum visit to your eternal bliss. 60 min

R E I K I ~ S O U R C E P O I N T  - 9 5 

A relaxing and tranquil experience for your healing journey! Aromatherapy and sound therapy are also apart of this healing experience. I will clear the energetic blocks and cleanse the chakras to allow life force energy to flow with gentle ease and grace so that you feel right as rain! 60 min. 



G R A T I T U D E  from clients

“Liz's reading of my astrology chart was really eye opening. It gave me a sense of direction in relation to my life's purpose and it helped reaffirm some of the things I had already seen within myself. She does an amazing job channeling the information and making it easy and understandable."
-Caleb Francis